Über uns

We are a small company that has made it our business to sell stylish products in the form of shoulder bags and messenger bags.


We are always looking for products that solve problems or at least make life a little easier.


This is where the "shoulder bag" comes into play.


It helps to keep all the items that you often carry with you and therefore of course also needed in a central place and always have access to them without having to look for them.


At the same time, this backpack should not be oversized and look stylish at the same time. At the same time, it also takes on other functions, such as protection against theft and moisture of the products.


As the owner of this shop, why can I judge so well?


Quite simply, I was in the military for 12 years. It was the case there that you always carry a lot of equipment with you that had to be stowed somewhere. But real backpacks are too big and bulky for short missions. So a small bag is enough that you can carry with you and that is not in the way or otherwise disturbs. Often this is also used as a camel bag with a water bottle. Of course, we don't need this equipment in everyday life. At this point it is sufficient to accommodate cell phones, wallets or even things. The shoulder bag is perfect for this.


The products have of course been tested by us in relation to this experience and have passed the test. We carry these bags ourselves because we are convinced of this "piece of equipment" and believe that it should not be missing from people who value styling paired with functionality.






Owner of MY SHOULDER BAG: Matthias Riebe


If you have any general questions or questions about the product, just write to us at: my.shoulder.bag.de@gmail.com


Our team and I are always trying to improve our service and are of course grateful for any feedback.