Frequently Asked Questions

1. Order

2. Payment

3. Delivery and dispatch

4. Personal information

5. further questions


1. Order

How can I find a specific item in the online shop?


There are several ways to find an item in the “My Shoulder Bag” online shop.

The easiest option is to go to the individual article categories via the selection "to the categories" and to make a preselection there, which in turn leads you to a sub-category in which the individual articles are contained.


Another possibility is given via the search function. In this case you have to use the magnifying glass in the start menu to enter the desired search term in order to find an item in the shop.


To get to the entire selection of items in the online shop, you can click on the "Shop" link in the start menu or via the "Catalog" link, where you can in turn select the individual categories with the corresponding sub-categories.


How can I find out if a product is available in the required quantity?


The quantity of the articles is not shown explicitly. An order quantity can be specified via the quantity selection. If the selected quantity is exceeded compared to the stock quantity, the desired number of articles cannot be ordered. If there is a stock quantity of zero, an article in the shop is reached, it is marked with the addition "sold out".


Do I have to register for an order in the online shop?


It is possible to order with a registration as well as as a guest. However, the following data should always be given for dispatch and feedback. First name, surname, address and email address.


Can I also order by phone or email?


An order by phone or email is not yet possible for technical reasons.


Can I also order from abroad?


An order from abroad with delivery there is definitely possible. You can see to which countries the item can be shipped under the following link: Shipping information


How can I find out whether my order has been received in the online shop?


As soon as you have successfully placed an order in the online shop and paid when checking out, you will receive a confirmation email in which you can see the item and the price as well as your data. Later you will receive an invoice on which you will find all the information again.


Can I change or cancel an order afterwards?


An order is usually processed within the next 1-2 hours. If you change your mind, i.e. want to order another article or cancel, this is still possible within this period. This should be done by email to the following email address: decoration.home.design@gmx.de. If this period is exceeded, you can still contact us and we will then decide how to proceed on a case-by-case basis.


Your question was not answered?


If your question was not included, please feel free to contact us personally. You can reach our customer service under the following link: Contact



2. Payment

How can I pay?


You can use the following payment systems in our shop:


Payment service providers: PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Pay, Ideal, Klarna, Apple Pay, Bancontact


Credit cards: Visa-Card, American Express, Mastercard, Maestro


What do I mean by prepayment?


If you want to order an item, you must first pay for it using one of the methods listed above so that this item can be shipped to you.


What happens if I have exceeded the payment deadline for prepayment?


You have a total of 14 days to pay for the item. If you do not comply with the payment request within this period, the order will be automatically canceled.


What is PayPal"?


Via the payment service provider PayPal, we offer you various payment methods as a PayPal service. During the ordering process you will be redirected to the PayPal website. You can enter your payment details there. You can confirm the use of your data by PayPal and the payment order to PayPal there. You will receive further information during the ordering process.


To be able to choose the PayPal payment method and pay the invoice amount, you must have or have set up an account with this provider. However, there is also the option of making a guest payment via PayPal. The payment transaction is automatically carried out by PayPal immediately after the payment order has been confirmed.

If you have selected payment by credit card, you do not need a PayPal account. After your legitimation as the legal cardholder, the payment will be initiated by the credit card company and your card will be debited with the corresponding amount.


If you have chosen the direct debit payment method, you do not need a PayPal account to pay the invoice amount. By confirming the payment order, you give PayPal a direct debit mandate. You will be informed by PayPal of the date of the account debit (so-called prenotification). By submitting the direct debit mandate immediately after confirming the payment order, PayPal requests its bank to initiate the payment transaction. The payment transaction is carried out and your account is debited.


For payment processing via PayPal, in addition to the terms and conditions of the online shop, the terms and conditions and the privacy policy of PayPal apply.


Can I also pay by credit card?


You can pay in our online shop with your Visa, Master or AMEX card. Further information on this topic can be found under "What is PayPal?".


Can I also pay by direct debit?


You can also pay by direct debit in our shop. You can find more information under "What is PayPal?".


What is "Amazon Payments"?


When paying with Amazon Payments, a payment order is sent to the payment service provider Amazon Payments at the same time as the order is sent. The invoice amount will be debited from your Amazon Payments customer account after you have received our order confirmation. You'll get more information during the ordering process.


Do I have to pay double the shipping costs if I order several times in one day?


For technical reasons it is unfortunately not yet possible according to the current status.


What are credits for? How are these reimbursed?


If you return an article or if an article from your order is not available, you will receive a credit to the corresponding account, depending on the payment method.


Your question was not answered?


If your question was not included, please feel free to contact us personally. You can reach our customer service under the following link: Contact


3. Delivery and dispatch


Which logistics partner will the goods be shipped with?


Depending on the country to which the delivery is made, shipping is carried out by DHL, DPD or Hermes.


When can I expect my goods to be delivered?


The shop processing time is usually 2-3 days. Once the shipment is confirmed, delivery takes 15-20 working days. You can find more information via the link: Shipping information.


How can I track the status of my delivery?


After ordering, we will send you a tracking number for the corresponding shipping service so that you can track the order and plan the receipt of the package.


What happens if I am not at home when the delivery is made?


If you do not find our shipping service provider at the specified time, the commissioned shipping service provider will hand over the shipment to a spouse, resident or neighbor at the specified address against confirmation of receipt. If the parcel could not be delivered to a replacement recipient, you will receive a notification card with which you can request a repetition of the delivery attempt or collect the parcel within seven working days at the specified branch upon presentation of ID. If the parcel was not picked up within the storage period or if it could not be delivered after repeated delivery attempts, it is considered undeliverable and will be returned to the sender.


Can I have my order delivered to a different address?


You can have your order delivered to any address you specify when placing your order.


Which countries do you ship to and what are the shipping costs?


Please refer to the shipping information to find out which countries are to be shipped to.


Your question was not answered?


If your question was not included, please feel free to contact us personally. You can reach our customer service under the following link: Contact


4. Personal information


Where can I see, change or delete my data?


As soon as you have created a customer account with the appropriate password, you can view your account data in the "My Account" area at any time. There you then have the opportunity to change your data and also view current and previous orders. To log into the customer account, please enter your email address and your personal password.


I have forgotten my password. What can I do?


If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the "Forgot your password" field in the "My Account" area. You will then be asked to enter your email address. We will then email you a link to change your password.


How will my personal data be handled?


The protection of your privacy is very important to us. You will find the link "data protection" in the footer of the online shop. There we will inform you about the handling of your data.


Your question was not answered?


If your question was not included, please feel free to contact us personally. You can reach our customer service under the following link: Contact


5. further questions


Where can I see the general terms and conditions?


If you would like to see the terms and conditions before placing an order, you will find them in the footer of our online shop under the link "Terms and Conditions".


Your question was not answered?


If your question was not included, please feel free to contact us personally. You can reach our customer service under the following link: Contact